Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Monday, September 12, 2016


Do you know about the POSITIVE OPPORTUNITIES IN SUBSTANCE TRAINING (POST) Program?  See your counselor or Leigh Cohen Long for a flyer and/or Referral Form.

What?  It's an engaging, interactive, educational, early intervention program for students/families who have been touched in some way by substance abuse

Who? Its for 8th-12th grade Homewood students and their parent(s)

When? On Tuesday and Thursday evenings (6-8pm)   

How? Talk with your student/parent(s) about POST + complete the Referral Form. 

Why? To help...and to educate students and families--offering information, skills, resources and supports 

Teen Driving Talks From Dr. Dale Wisely

Homewood families and students are welcomed!

A note from Mr. Dale Wisely (Director of Student Services, Mountain Brook Board of Education):

Dear Parents,

I will be offering my Parenting the Teenage Driver workshop twice on September 15th, in a morning session and again in an evening session. This program is co-sponsored by ALL IN MOUNTAIN BROOK and the school system. We recommend this for parents of teenagers 14 and older, but all are welcome.

Mountain Brook Board of Education
32 Vine St
Mountain Brook AL 35213

You are welcome to bring your teenagers!

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