Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fall Semester 2015 Exam Schedule

Tuesday, Dec. 16: 1st period Exam & 2 Period Exam

Wednesday, Dec. 17: 3rd Period Exam & 4th Period Exam

Thursday, Dec. 18: 5th Period Exam & 6th Period Exam

Friday, Dec. 19: 7th Period Exam & APPROVED Make-up exams

Exam Times: 

7:50AM - 9:50AM - Exam 

9:50AM - 10:05AM - Break in the cafeteria

10:10AM - 12:00PM - Exam 


  • Semesters exams count as 20% of the semester grade
  • Students in all core and academic elective classes must take exams
  • All students must take exams unless they meet the exemption criteria
  • During exams, students only report to campus for scheduled exams 
  • Students should exit the building by 12PM (Tues. - Thurs.) and by 9:50AM (Friday)